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Welcome to Angel-Jobs India, your go-to place for job opportunities! Your safety is our top priority, and we want to ensure you have a secure experience. Here are some simple tips to keep yourself protected:

Protect Your Information:

Remember, never share sensitive personal information like your bank details or Social Security number with anyone who says they're from Angel-Jobs India. We'll never ask for that personal information in emails or phone calls. Stay safe!

Beware of Fake Job Offers:

Beware of fake job offers! Reject unexpected emails and calls. Verify with genuine Angel-Jobs India support before accepting any offer. We send official emails from our Angel-Jobs India address. Look for official updates on your account dashboard. Stay smart and safe!

Secure Your Account:

Stay safe online by using a complex password with a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols. Only share it when you're logging in officially. Don't share it, even if someone says they're from Angel-Jobs. Change your password regularly for your safety. Boost your security against bad actors by activating two-factor authentication, and verify your email for added protection for safe account recovery.

Beware of Phishing Scams:

Watch out for job offers that seem too good to be true. Be cautious about phishing attempts. Don't share personal or financial information without verifying the employer's legitimacy. Angel-Jobs won't request sensitive information through email or messages. If you need help, contact support through the official channels. Be careful of job offers without applying, high pay promises, training fees, unclear details, incorrect grammar, and pushy recruiters. Stay alert and cautious!

Keep Your Device Secure:

Make sure your computer has the latest antivirus software. Be careful when using Angel-Jobs India on public computers or shared networks. Adjust your privacy settings based on what you're comfortable with.

Stay Informed:

Stay informed to keep yourself safe online. Check out our security center for updates and helpful tips. Enable notification notifications so we can warn you about potential risks. When setting up your profile, share only the essential information and avoid putting sensitive details like your home address or social security number publicly in public. Be mindful of what others can see in your profile. Visit our security center regularly for the newest updates and tips.

Seven Signs to Identify Fake Job Offers:

When looking for a job, it's great to be excited, but remember to stay cautious and watch out for possible scams. Here are seven signs to help you recognize if a job offer might not be genuine:
1. Too good to be true: Watch out if they promise high pay without needing much experience; it could be a trick.
2. Unprofessional emails: Legit companies use professional emails, so be wary if the email seems generic or has spelling mistakes.
3. Immediate job offers: If someone gives you a job right away without conducting an interview, it could be a potential scam.
4. Request for money: Real jobs don't ask you to pay for things like training upfront, so be suspicious if they do.
5. Vague job descriptions: If the job information is unclear, it might be a Vogue job offer.
6. Check the company's reputation: If there are negative reviews or no information available somewhere.
7. Trust Your Instincts: Trust your instincts. If something feels off about a job offer, be cautious.

Report Suspicious Activity:

Suppose you notice anything odd or receive unusual messages. In that case, our team will look into it and take the necessary steps to keep things safe. Report any strange job postings or messages to our support team right away. Your help ensures the safety of our community.

If you encounter any suspicious job offers, report them to our security team immediately: